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They agreed on the acronym GBD selecting the initials of their surnames. Meanwhile the GBD name was well established and thus retained.August Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon led the firm into the 20th century.From the very beginning GBD obtained only best quality stummels and/or pre-drilled pipes.At that time the prices for pipes were primarily diversified by the materials used for the stems and their extansions and the number and the styling of silver or gold bandages.The former grading system (1 to 4 stars in ascending order) has been canceled in 2011.

But toward the end of the 19th century, the demand changed.A survey dating from 1886 shows basic program of 125 shapes, including 12 Billiard, 36 Bent and 46 Dublin (or similar) shapes.Many of them displayed a "hoof" to allow the pipe to sit on plain surfaces.But as elsewhere too, the bulk was made as figural carvings.However at a remarkable early time GBD also offered standard models such as Bents, derivations of clay pipes reminding of current Dublins or Belges and early Bulldog variations.

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