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The CIA agent who reported this development to his superiors noted that the military services had access to a home supply of LSD by the ton.Eli Lilly kept details of the full process confidential and made up a special batch of LSD for the CIA. Point Richmond was the prototypical underground laboratory.Owsley had got as far as crystal LSD, which in itself required a reasonable level of purity; but he believed that if he could achieve absolute purity, then the LSD would be extra special with extra special results.Between them Owsley and Scully created 20 to 30 grams of what they thought was the purest LSD anyone had yet produced.

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Secora Seminar - 1954 - Need help with more information Anyone have any more info on the "Secora Seminar" or related history? Tavistock - Systems Psychodynamics - mass brain-washing techniques Mind Change How did your own interest in the subject of consciousness start? Willis Harman: No, I was trained as a scientist, thought I was going to be a chemist for a while, ended up as an electrical engineer and then systems engineer.

And then in 1954 at age 36 I had an up-ending experience that I hadn't asked for and the net result was my path through life took a sudden swerve.

It was a two-week seminar which, there was nothing like it at the time although later on there were things like Est and Silva Mind Control and all kinds of things, but at that time, it was a fairly intensive seminar and I only came into it because I didn't realise that.

So when Heard began rhapsodizing about the effects of certain mind-altering drugs, Stolaroff was predictably upset.

"I thought you went to all these places anyway," he asked. " And Heard had replied, "Oh, but it just opens the doors in so many ways to so many vast dimensions."19 Whether he admitted it to himself or not, Myron Stolaroff was hooked, and a few months later, in Los Angeles on business, he visited Heard and had another long discussion about these new mind drugs.

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