Unrealistic expectations dating

Before you start a relationship, it is helpful to know what you expect once you’re in one.In fact, many relationships end because one or both individuals in a couple didn’t get their expectations met. Those messages will repeat themselves in your grownup relationships unless you've spent time trying to understand and change them. If your dad was always betraying your mom and she looked the other way, you might learn that women should put up with anything and ignore any and all indiscretions.When you start dating someone, spend some time thinking about what expectations you have.Specifically, ask yourself this question: How will my day to day life change once I’m in a relationship? Of course there's a bajillion and one messages people get from their families depending on the dynamics, parental relationship (or lack thereof), and ways we each interpret those messages as kids. Aside from the obvious cartoons we all watched with princesses, dwarves and fairy tale creatures, we get our lessons in love from what we witness growing up.

Dating announcement: Desperately seeking Prince Superman. It is totally understandable to want to believe that finding a relationship will provide you with whatever you’ve been missing, but the truth is that a good relationship will add to – but not complete – your life overall.“My new partner will want to spend all of their time off from work with me.” Although the idea of living a we-do-everything-together life may sound appealing to some, having this expectation may lead to frustration later.If these things are a necessity for you, be clear about your expectations from the start!The takeaway Unrealistic expectations are poisonous to relationships.

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