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I’m not going to act like this blog is run by multiple people as it was in the past, as it’s just me here now. No worries about it of course, but many thanks if you do this! In fact, I’ll be adding a new type of request as soon as I clean out the ask box. - Mituna would crave attention from Kurloz constantly, but when he’s in a bad mood he will push Kurloz away until he gives in and starts talking to him again.- They would be inseparable.- Mituna would drag Kurloz around to do the things he wants, and Kurloz would be perfectly fine because he loves to see Mituna happy.- Mituna is sometimes surprised by how much Kurloz cares about him, no matter how egotistical he may act about it.- They would cuddle until Mituna would get “too hot” and move away.

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Unlike other sites, singles here start out with something in common, love for bisexual or bisexual related.

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Je me pose des questions sur le conditionnement à utiliser cet été… je suis une traileuse sans prétention (assez régulièrement classée en fin de première moitié), mais passionnée.

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